July 28th, 2008, 7:41 am

We're back!

Hot Doggggg! What!!? It's literally been 7 months since I, Chibisofa, last updated... that is rediculous, and I'm sure some of you wonderful readers have wondered about whether EJ and I will continue to update "Princess Natsumi," indeed if it will ever be finished...

Well I am here to tell you that I intend to do my best (EJ too) to see that it will and does, children!! YES!
We as artist and writer have thought a lot about Natsumi in these off-months (unplanned off-months due to me, the artist, being both extremely lazy and busy at the same time) and have decided to keep going and making Natsumi; I certainly can't wait to make it better and unfold past the few days in the story.

So, as can be seen with this new page, things will be a bit more colorful from page to page, and as crazy devoted manga and webcomic artists tend to do, I will be redrawing and reposting back pages in the future (along with more chapter 4 pages) that will also appear in this color-happy format.
And yes! In case you are a wee bit curious, we intend to publish our updated and reformatted comic pages eventually into a crazy manga volume or two! yippee! I have been starting to draw more, so there will be a handful of new pages within the next two weeks to look forward to! And in case, for some reason you really like us (although I can't imagine why :3) we would love if you would consider doing one of the following:

- let us know what you think about our comic, all opinions welcome! We would love to know what you especially love or hate about this comic!
- give us suggestions if you see fit
- tell a friend or fellow reader about us
- vote for us http://topwebcomics.com/vote/4873/default.aspx
- maybe you like doing fanart or fanfics like we do
- know that we really REALLY appreciate you taking time to just enjoy our comic

So we'll be seeing you again real soon!! <3 :D

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