January 27th, 2007, 4:03 am

We're still going!

Hi Everyone!
Hope you all had safe and happy holidays! Can you believe it's already 2007? As you get older, the passing of time just gets more ridiculous. I really don't like meeting people born in the 90's because I can't believe their teens/preteens.... SIGH....
Well, we here of Princess Natsumi, EJ and I, are working hard to bring you a great comic. We really appreciate your readership and would love any and every comment/suggestion/whatever you post! So let us know if you like Princess Natsumi - and if you could vote for us once in a while, it would make my day! Seriously, I watch the TWC (Top Web Comics) rank of our comic like a hawk. A pathetic hawk.

Take care everyone! The updates are set up for a few weeks to post a new page every Sunday and Wednesday or so :)

PS: Just so you know, Princess Natsumi is also on Drunk Duck (usually a few pages ahead) here: http://www.drunkduck.com/Princess_Natsumi/index.php
and on DeviantArt here: http://Princess-Natsumi.deviantart.com

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